Birt 26 jan 2021
Thought Id scare the Sway Boys and Nessa Barrett with some snakes and see if we could get brave to skate a hill...
Snapchat: Joshrichardzz
Edited/Filmed by JROD: officialjrod


  • I legit want you to do more of these.

  • Nessa be like aw cute Jaden WTF

  • When u bought him a catchers gear 💀💀🤚

  • no one talking madi reaction like jadnn was my fav but madi was soo cute and genuine lol

  • Girlfriend sjsbsubshebs

  • Id be both the girls! I have a pet snake, you can see him on my channel, hes SO CUTE' just like they said here, just a looooong puppy dog, i love just chilling with him on my bed for gours, thinking of getting a ball pyrhon or a hognose later then moving on to medium snakes like bullsnakes and fox snakes then bigger snakes like boa constrictors, burmese pythons, and maybe even retics. Casper is a snow (not yet confirmed) red rat snake, he is PRECIOUS! he's literally the most adorable little boii that has walked, or ahould i say, slithered, my floors, hes baby lol, hes just a big noodle shaped puppy!❤❤❤🐍❤🐍❤🐍❤❤❤

  • 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • Nessa real just be like aww cute 🤍💙❤️

  • Lack Y/N

  • the subtle aw cute😭😂

  • hold up, girlfriend?

  • so does anyone else see the word "girlfriend" in the title...

  • please tell me they're back together they're one of the cutest couples I love them so much

  • that was funny u should do it again

  • Nessa and you are cute couple

  • I cant with Josh's laugh Ah hiya hya ha

  • 2:59 i’m dead

  • I think they just want to keep their relationship private or Josh use that title to make us very very confused and mess with us

  • The girls were so calm lol

  • Usjs

  • You a browns fan?

  • Ayyyyyyy brother j

  • The fact that Josh still secretly loves Nessa is insane!! And he calls her “girlfriend” in the title is also insane!!! I think they are secretly dating?? WE NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!

  • We missed a whole stinkin season !

  • If I were Nessa, I would totally jump out of the car and scream my lungs out haah

  • Nessa really said "aw cute" like whaaaat I'm literally jaden

  • girlfriend?

  • That poor snake

  • Mads:aww🥺 Jaden:I DONT FU*K WITH SNAKES😡 Nessa:aww cute🥺🥰 Anthony:no get it off me😃✋🏻 Quinton:oh shi yooo😎

  • Jaden: AHH FUCK I SAID NO SNAKES! Nessa: aw cute

  • I’m confused Girlfriend’s Car what??????

  • Did I miss sum?

  • I feel like the best couples are here guys are lucky, this includes Noah, Dixie, Nessa, Josh, Bryce. And Addison

  • So they are together again

  • mads: omg hi nessa: aw cute jaden: i DoNt FuC* WiTh SnAkEs anthony: no dude get off FoR rEaL x10 quinton: oh sh*t

  • mads was like omg hi and jaden was i don't fuc* w sankes

  • jaden is so cute carring he's dog 🥺🥺

  • When did they got back together?

  • oiie

  • Anthony:for real for real for real for real for real for real for real for real for real

  • I love mads ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Huh girlfriend

  • What happened to teatalk

  • Jaden is like I have to much recognition to die right now

  • I just realized that Quinton is also handsome😭

  • your girl is deskosting

  • Jaden birthday Vlog?I mean you have done a lot with the other sway boys on there birthday its only fair..... 😂😂😂💙💙🥺 👇

  • Josh when you lil huddy auto trun that you and jaden

  • he sais well thats not true :)

  • Josh uses the name of Nessa and her pic to increase video views, then shows her for only a few seconds!!


  • I think Nessa is already used to long and wide anacondas 😂🌚

  • I literally drove past Jaydens billboard a couple days ago lol

  • An idea for a video is the bathtub confession

  • I missed jaden and josh together


  • and also clear up the stuff with u and bryce dude. yall are diss track kings. were tired of seeing yall apart.

  • it is true that in the q&a video last year with nessa on valentines day you said you would do another video with nessa if it got 50k likes. So ik yall are dating now, so why don't yall do one like that's recreating and answering peoples questions about how yall got back together. Like the video from last year. just a little thought

  • I need another tea talk

  • POV: you wanna but the mercy but the 13 year old sign up thing is not letting you but your 15


  • What happened to josh and Bryce 😓🥺😭😭

  • When nessa was like “aw cute” 😂

  • Quinton is just chilling

  • wait what im confused your girlfriend you broke ??

  • Ur a clown even if chase auto tuned his music it is none of ur Concern

  • No entendi nada pero aja buen video

  • Am I the only one that thought that was chase and josh in the beginning? No ok

  • “Aw cute 🥺”



  • It’s just me or look like Finn Wolfhard in this video?😂

  • in the sight of that snake i would have passed out or Scream until i lose my voice

  • soooo your not gonna tag the snake guy down below like you said... shady, trying to find his page!

  • I want a snake

  • THAnks for putting Jaden we would love you see more Jaden 👇

  • Хочу обнять их

  • Jayden loves that dog lol

  • There one of those people there in a relationship but no pressure on it plus they want views and drama I mean he’s a SWAY boy

  • it

  • Nessa oh cute Avani boy friend get it off get it off Josh says to nessa NOOOOOOO Jaden I DONT FUCK WITH SNAKES BRYCE Hahahha jaden

  • Lol he really went wee

  • i love

  • L

  • HaPpY LAtE bIrThDaY

  • No one: Quinton: struggling to show the snake in the cam


  • j@prehistoricvets

  • lmfao anthonys reaction was it 😂😂😂

  • mads would literally be me !!! lmao

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  • ani energy is fire 🔥 go buy some 😌

  • never fails to make me fkn laugh bro 😂❤️

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  • always great content 🤩

  • 💜💜💜💜💜

  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • keep up the great work 👏🏽💙

  • love you josh 🤍

  • I feel like u were manhandling and disrespecting the animal

  • WoW🤣🤣🤣