Birt 11 sep 2020
Painter: @brookskossover
Snapchat: Joshrichardzz
Edited by JROD: officialjrod


  • I was on his tt and found a clip searched this up lol


  • His room is so big it echos 😭

  • The amount of likes on this video/comment is how many times the f word was used in this video

  • 3:08 bryce screaming at buddy "its not real" many times had me dying😂😂

  • Hi josh

  • You guys bonkas

  • Poor buddy 🥺🥺🥺 Ps this isn’t hate I just don’t think it’s right to push a dog

  • When he says he has a surprise and its a cardboard box of them

  • Cause you sniched

  • Your not a tanners house it is the Deegans

  • why does everyone say this in the comments no one Bryce: we don't need a helmet we need sunglasses... its so annoying-

  • Dont be mean to buddy!

  • What did nessa say when She saw what was is his hand?

  • Josh itsok babe

  • من علمهم التفحيط هذول

  • Ewww the cover pic lol

  • so they really love to copy the vlog squad huh

  • Joshs hand got me like ouch- thats gotta hurt i mea- aah thats scary i was not ready for that😳

  • Just saying some are girls but ok

  • I love your video

  • Done

  • this is how many times they said f*cking->

  • Why are you guys always swearing🤨

  • the amount of cursing

  • Bryces room is to big to be a room

  • I love the sway boys

  • Whose here after the painter complained?

  • Oh to see without my eyes

  • Why go to store buy an xtra small in men just go buy woman Bryce 👌😌😌😬😁

  • Oh my

  • Yoooo why tf do you have a shirt with Epstein and Maxwell on it

  • The poor dog🥺🥺

  • Oh my God

  • Good thing you are okay

  • Te amo mucho

  • I enjoy there vids

  • Your fukin toksik

  • That's funny oml

  • Kuss

  • U kids so mutch

  • I feel like josh is the next Jake Paul

  • bruh I had to go back in the beginning and see if I actually saw riverside on there god damn I wish that I was with my dad rn I could have maybe saw you guys

  • I thought this hole video was aboit the F word

  • The only accurate thing is the tiny wang

  • Li love you josh

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • I can tell that hurt but I think it was Bryce fault but that's insane 😬😬😬😬

  • I swear haiden deegan is a better driver than josh

  • I drive a razor everyday and I’m only 10 lol I be going skirt skirt

  • This has to be the most amount of times I’ve heard the word fuck in one video 😂

  • bahahah I love you josh

  • why was Bryce yelling at poor buddy

  • I flew off a quad back in August

  • Hi

  • Blake sometimes scare me

  • I actually have a friend that bought one of those a few months ago & he's still fighting for his life! He rolled backwards going up a slight incline & fell out & it landed on his head crushing his face, brain damage, crushed his lungs, hole (literally) above his eye, crushed windpipe, internal bleeding, broken femur, broken collarbone & arm....he's on life support. They can be very dangerous!

  • I love his selection of songs maaann!


  • I’m worried for the dog..

  • Did someone just pushed the dog?

  • I feel so bad for the dog when Bryce yelled at him

  • You guy's cuss a lot😂

  • How many times did they say f** I-

  • the picture destroyed my innocence not that i am innocent that much:)

  • my face when i saw what happened :O my brain: AnD ThAt'S WhY YoU AlWaYs WeAr A HeLmEt WhIlE DoInG AnYtHiNg ThAt CoUlD Be A DaNgEr me: shut it

  • Has anyone seen the edit for this on Instagram?😂 Its fire: instagram.com/p/CFNoMd3hRt9/?

  • Poor dog

  • poor dog

  • Sometimes I fell like they will die from stupid stuff like this (not trying to be rude)

  • what flavor posh Bryce?

  • Hahahaha it was Josh not me 😂

  • 3:09 DUDE SHUT UP! Stop yelling at BUDDY

  • 2:32 bruh be nice to buddy, if she wasn’t supposed to be a pet she can rip you in parts 💀

  • can anyone count how many times they have said f***ing/f**k

  • Bruh love her Bryce said it not me.

  • omg r u good like what the fuck happen to

  • they literally broke their 24,000 car...

  • I was mowing the lawn once and trips and I fell and my arm went under and I have to get so much stitch’s

  • hi

  • tshirt with Jeffrey Epstein ????

  • Cut your hair please

  • When bryce said it was Josh not me who else started laughing

  • Your not alive at all

  • You got to wash your with soup to take away the blood 👉👈🤙

  • Me: Hold up did they just push the puppy Also me: MURDER ON MY MIND 🔪🧨😌

  • The boys strong-

  • I love you and your videos so much

  • Why did you push the dog 😡🥺🥺

  • No one: Literally no one: Josh: I sUpErGlUeD mY hAnD

  • I did that with my bestfriend and i broke my arm from it and it Fucking sucks

  • 😂😂😂❤

  • I even know how to drive that!!!

  • “We’re not tiktokers watch us DIE”

  • It that josh raping in 0:38

  • I don't understand anything they say unfortunately because I'm Brazilian, I only understand a few words

  • I almost died 8 times in a video - Bryce Hall

  • The kid looks like tanner fox

  • The amount of times they said frick my gosh😳 it’s kinda funny tho tbh

  • I remember I accidentally cut my finger with scissors and my dad super glued the cut shut