Birt 14 jan 2021
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  • Ik everyone was talking about Jessa but where tf is Bryce?!

  • Hey don’t talk shit abt Canada period

  • This is all sus lol

  • Whyy I hate dis couple

  • thumbnail kinda sus

  • They back Noah is like Lets go on the FREEWAy and with a happy face lol

  • Yeah charli en chase NOT thanks for the drama 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

  • I feel like tgere that type of people that break up then get back together

  • “i got sand in my balls” PLSS WHERES THE SAND

  • Why do you swear👺

  • Ew no nessa deserve better


  • I literally took 4 screenshots of Noah lol

  • Bro when I saw we are back I thought it was Bryce hall unless I was like what

  • WHY I DISLIKE NESSA BARRETT!!!! GO AHEAD AND HATE ME ...... 1. I feel like she is trying to hard to be Billie Eilish fr STOP 2.She went from the sweetest person in the world and happy to depressed and sad really fast!!!! 3.Hate when TikTokers think they can sing but they can't 4.THIS IS MY OPINION 5.If your so "SAD" don't go to TikTok or Twitter or IG get a therapist cause no one cares 6. So yeah deal with it

  • Ew

  • Bro I wish i was Nessa. I LOVE Josh🥵❤️🥺😍

  • I love how Noah it’s just chillin in the corner while blake and josh are just being crazy

  • I’m PROUD Canadian 😌

  • I love them together they are so cute😫❤Edited okay bubs

  • nty:)

  • LeMoNaDe WiTh tHe SuGaR

  • Where's Bryce?

  • Click bait

  • Josh's videos: were back clickbait obviously but instead they get drunk and flex by breaking stuff

  • LeMoNaDe a bOx oF sugAr

  • I don’t ship not to be rude but I just don’t ship sorry

  • I don't want them to be back together after all the cheating rumors.. she probably did kiss him

  • woo Jessa is back now yayyay

  • Who else is from Canada 🇨🇦

  • Guys.... u forgot!! Famous people don’t get covid

  • Bruh you never showed nessa

  • Are Nessa and Josh together?

  • I mean Bryce was in the intro

  • Cute so cute together

  • uh can I asked this. y is Noah here? I never rlly watched the other vids so id rlly know, but his girlfriend is dixie and dixie is charli's sis and charli's ex is huddy so I was just wondering.

  • Funk bros invented that

  • Has anyone ever thought about this: we should be getting some sort of award Bc aren’t we the ones getting all these ppl views,likes,follows and fame? And they get to live good when we’re the ones who gave them fame for them to act like fucking assholes?🙄

    • No u shouldn’t get an award bc u chose to give them fame by liking and commenting they never asked for it...

    • if you don’t like them don’t watch them

  • 6.00 *beep beep beep* (goes further) (sound goes quieter) *Ah no no no* *Loud bang into tree*

  • OMG😂

  • clickbait

  • Noah: “ Canada Sucks!” Me: *sobs in sadness*

  • Josh do you speek french

  • Из этих 2,5 тысяч я не нашла не одного русского комментария, наверно я буду первой😅

  • Me: *clicks video* Also me: *reads comments* Me again: *clicks off video*

  • No u guys

  • Yes they are back with each other

  • sway should get a peleton they are amazing

  • Bro swear Noah can be funny sometimes 😄

  • for those wondering he was talking about nick

  • Haha laughing at the ones who are scrolling thru! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

  • I’m sorry but I miss the old vids not these

  • Please stay with nesssa also I dare you and ness to make out in ISchats

  • Sent the roomba through some glass 😂

  • El tatto de Nessa es de este año JAJAJA

  • I thought nessa was.......

  • the clickbait is fucking crazy

  • Are y’all really that stupid to fall for clickbait or did I not get the memo to go along with the joke????

  • how did you bring snow to yo house/car ???

  • I miss Bryce


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  • He really click baited us

  • bring back tea talk

  • but how Blake said CANADA it's so funny just😂

  • I'm happy got jess not u idc if I'm rude lo

  • Canadá is awesome😂😂 I literally live in Toronto and it’s pure white with snow!! Toronto is awesome bro💞💞


  • I hate you nesssa josh is myne

  • Noah was like a a a a a a 🤣🤣🤣🤣 2:19

  • i love canada i live there im in abboasford sorry i spelled it wrong and tronto is a good area

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  • lol we know ✨🙀

  • Lol noha candida sucks and it smells like a s s

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  • Finalyyyyyy

  • Everyone *in their buisness* me watching this zooted asf laughing ab how nick threw the vacuum into someone’s house

  • EXCUSE ME Canada is the Best, You just have to live there your whole life to get used to it...

  • No one Cares

  • guess this was clickbate

  • The way Nick yeeted that vacuum out of their property

  • Montreal where you at

  • Back together

  • Imagine Bryce Vanessa really kissed but it was just clickbait everyone I thought everyone loved the video but it was clickbait at the beginning but it wasn't really clickbait at the beginning it was but yeah the rest was not I thought really Josh and Nessa really were going to kiss and then but that was like last year ago when they did the fireworks thing and I actually thought Jake and I actually thought like at the end like Jaden shotgunning everything but it was just clickbait everyone that likes the video and everyone thought that it was really going to happen NASA and Josh kissing like if like if you thought if it was real

  • i can't get over the fact that they just threw a vacuum off the balcony

  • I'm naturally from canada

  • shut up

  • Omg u were in toronto didn't see ya

  • Yess

  • So is everyone just on triller now?

  • Fell like that it was a set up by josh and Nessa to cancel chase

  • Wait does that mean their back together again or not I’m confused 🤔

  • Honestly josh deserves so much more


    • The legal age to drank is 18 you just cant buy it. You have to be 21 to buy it yourself.

    • Oops sorry the where driving anti but still JOSH said in a video that his favorite drink is what White claw

  • Clickbait

  • I- b- w- ummmm.. no thanks

  • Yo nomas venía pa ver el besito de josh y nessa :(

  • Jessa’s the best ship ever😩💗

  • Lol