Birt 29 okt 2020
Talking about drama and making jokes... that's it. If you can't take a joke watch buzzfeed :)
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  • Josh- that wasn't a written out joke we had Bc they have to write out jokes for their videos

  • Bryce: we dont do cool shit Me: yout both hot and im simpin

  • love u!!❤️❤️

  • i want to meet you so bad can u come to Colorado.

  • 4:57 the dice roll 💀✋🏻

  • Hey yLLL

  • hold up josh your just gonna forget that Jessa is alive?

  • 👍🤣🤓

  • Nonton channel ini hanya buat belajar bhasa inggris ad yg sama ?

  • can we see Quintton on the tea talks ?

  • Jaden wasn't "dragging" anything on... he clearly has a big passion for music and there is nothing wrong with explaining that

  • They are so damn annoying, but highly entertaining lol

  • Love u💖

  • You're not the king of diss tracks LOL Larry is so is Bad Zach

  • Put your absolute trust in the LORD. He will never stir or lead you in the wrong direction. Understand and know that he knows what’s best for you so don’t do your own thing/way. He won’t fail you nor will he forsake you. So just trust and believe in him with all your heart, soul, and might and watch him transform your life. ❤️Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path”❤️

  • Not the one direction jokes😒😞

  • Hi

  • “It’s the number one podcast in the world” Sounds like Logan Paul lmao

  • God loves you and will never stop loving you! Repent of your sins and want to give your life to God. ❤❤❤❤🙏🏾

  • Who else memorized the whole thing to steal softish because I know for a fact I did 😂😂


  • i

  • they said there gonna be all over the internet and on halloween bryce was caught kissing addison ok

  • Are we not gonna talk about Zoe laverne?

  • Is no one saying anything about addison and josh.

  • They didn’t talk about how Bryce and Addison kissed :(

  • Next teatalk bryce is dating addison ???!!! What?!?!!!

  • Bryce: no i mean uh Still Softish hit number 1 Josh: yeah but like you cant top Still Softish so Bryce: yeah thats true

  • Hi

  • bryce hall is like the knockoff jake paul

  • Still softish is the best song ever i put it on the radio in the car and she vibes with me,ily u guys❤️

  • I feel like josh and nessa are gonna back together because Bryce and Addison are together

  • I miss the old teatalk

  • Dixie really ended mosey and liams Careers

  • Can u do tea tok on zoe lavern

  • anyone else waiting for him to post the zoe scandal

  • i love this teatok like a lot

  • can someone tell me why tf i thought banks was fletcher?

  • You guys are so loud

  • X

  • I love the amazon gat

  • Hahahaha i love themmm

  • Nessa should do a teatok with Josh

  • go look at hollywood fix you can see bryce and addison kissing

  • if Larry keeps his song on the top 100 he can go to the billboards which are on nov 19

  • At this point josh is giving us more tea than Anna oop

  • And they did make it interesting this week 😂 With addison and Bryce kissing 😂

  • Now that I think about it... Chris is 19 years old and madi is 16. Isn’t that a case

  • They did break the internet this week , as sway boys were back with their girlfriends

  • Nessa and josh: we are just friends Jack and sienna: were besties Bryce and Addison : we are best friends

  • next week will be all about Zoe lAVERNEEEE BET hahahahahah

  • POV: the link was not in the descriptionx

  • didnt hollwood fix catch bryce kissing addison on hallpweeen lol


  • No one talking abt how they lived up to the promise and really broke the internet this week w braddison 🥺😍😍

  • Well josh is going hard at bryce for kissing addsion

  • Okay okay hear me out..... Josh looks like Elmo especially at 2:07

  • Bryce and Josh: Should we make this week interesting Bryce: kisses Addison Josh: dresses up for Halloween with Nessa

  • braddison for life

  • Just when you think the creepy earring trend is over.. .. Bryce steals his grandma's earring and wears it

  • I miss teatalk in the couch

  • Bryce : isnt Chris like 20 Us : 😟😖😳😱 Josh tHat wasnT evEn pLanned WTF

  • Nessa and Josh: we're friends Jack and Sienna: we're besties Addison and Bryce: we're best friends Noah and Dixie: just a couple of besties Jaden and Mads: we're just friends

  • You guys are actually pretty funny

  • Teatalk is the best

  • I love all the tea toks, but this is my favorite

  • Okay we all know that chacha is back together bradison is back together jessa is back together , there all secretly dating , just me okay 👍

  • who else came from da live😼

  • im surprised they didnt talk abt zoe laverne😳

  • wait what if they just went out with their ex’s again to be everywhere in the drama?

  • No entiendo ni mierda pero boe:)

  • 4:58 - 5:33 pls i don’t want sway boys talking about one direction like that. 😔

  • OMG madi is only 16 wtf i did not know that but why would i bc its not my business!

  • you guys will always be my faves!

  • i fuckin love you guys no matter what you post!!!

  • Josh please date nessa I really miss jessa #jessa

  • Adam apple ?

  • they need to talk about live on october 28th, charli in the next teatalk

  • I I love how they are dissing people’s relationships when they can’t even figure out their own

  • I know this one just came out but I’m ready for the next tea talk because Addison and Bryce kissed lol

  • And guess what 3 days later and I'm already seeing crazy shit from them

  • Let’s talk about the kiss with Addison now😌


  • im a fan

  • i love how addison is in every cover of the video and isnt even mentioned 🤣#$imp


  • fuck oh my god find chester and parker

  • why beautiful couple ?

  • Shut up loser josh and I love you 😘😘😘😘

  • 🔥 🔥

  • Yes bryce made another drama addison kissed bryce

  • starting today no nut November im talking to you Bryce hall or as I should say sway house.

  • Amazon hat doe

  • Is no one going to point out that he drew the Amazon symbol on his hat

  • Wether you believe or not boys and girls can’t just be best friends as some point someone gon catch feelings

  • Honestly like is tiktok boys cheating a new trend or something

  • Dude I can’t wait for next week

  • How did Bryce make One Direction dirty wtf😂

  • 2:07 When he looks like a fish🐠

  • I love you guys